Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase a Website Option?
Once you have selected and paid for your Website Option and/or any Website Add Ons, you will be redirected to log in to our site with your own personal user details. From here you will have access to our custom designed interface which will guide you through the process of uploading or selecting your content. This will include text, images, logo files, colours, layout options, etc. Once you have completed this process then you click the “Website Ready to Build” button and we leap into action, crafting your site into a thing of beauty!
Why is it so cheap?
We keep our costs low in a number of ways so that we can offer a quality service at a very reasonable price. We outsource the time consuming work to our teams in India, which saves us a lot of costly hours. This means we (the Australian part of the team) can focus on overseeing the projects and making sure the quality is good, while our Indian teams do the time consuming work. Secondly, we offer a very specific set of options at a great rate. If you want lots of customisations, or intricately detailed design work, then we are possibly not your best bet. We certainly do offer some customisation, but our focus is on getting a good site up quickly that does the job well.
How long will it take to build my site?
The actual time it takes depends mostly on how quickly you can give us the content required to build the site. We will need all the page names, the text for those pages and the images for those pages to be uploaded before we start. (Note, if you purchase the Image Package, then we don’t need to wait for images). Once everything is uploaded and ready to go, we will usually have your site ready for review within 7 to 14 days, at which point you can check it and make any changes you want for free (the first time). Then we will review and modify accordingly, and present to you the completed site within 3 days of that time. We are often much faster.
Can I make modifications to my site once it's made?
With our standard site packages, we give you the chance to make the first revision for free at the time that we show you the completed site. Any revisions after that will cost according to our basic customisation hourly rate, which is still very reasonable.
What is WordPress?
Wordpress is a way of building a website that is particularly powerful and relatively easy to use. We like it as it offers many powerful features, is low cost to use, and search engines like it (means your site will be easy to find).
What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is an important way to keep your site visible and easily findable to the major search engines, so that people searching for your site will be able to find it. This is an ongoing and time consuming process, which is why it costs as much as it does. We include on site and off site SEO with our packages.
What is Website Optimisation?
Website Optimisation, unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is something that you do once to a site to make it load fast when someone visits the pages of your website. It is a matter of cleaning up the code, compressing images, getting parts of the site to load into cache, and various other tricks that make the site load quickly.

All the sites we build are already well optimised, and our server is quite fast, so this service is mainly for people who already have a WordPress site and want it to load faster.

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