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Some of our thoughts about Web Design

The Future of the Internet

The future is an unknown, but it's always fun to guess what might be coming, and to laugh about the things that didn't happen when we get there.   Source:

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Double Your Likes

There are ways to get your likes up without resorting to buying fake likes. Here are some sensible suggestions that will get your likes up in no time.   Source:

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Fake Likes… worth it?

When you're just starting out on social media and you want to get your "likes" up, it can be tempting to purchase 'fake likes'... but you think about the consequences before you do this.   Source:

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What About DIY Websites?

If you're considering building a website, or getting one built, its worth considering the option of saving some money and doing it yourself with a DIY website builder site. It can be a time consuming and frustrating process, but it is certainly an option to look at....

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Himalayan Yoga Trekking

This is a clean styled site based on one of our favourite themes, Divi by Elegant Themes. Sliders, Icons and clever infographics communicate its message to the audience.  

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